Bring Down the Sky

Mass Effect has been announced for the PC and new DLC is coming to Xbox Live titled Bring Down the Sky.  The content will be: 400 Microsoft points, available at 5:00am EST on March 10th, contain 90 minutes of new material, 50 gamepoints of achievements and introduce the race of Batarians. Screens are available below:

Gears of War 2 [announced]

The saga continues as GoW2 is now slated for a November '08 release.  Check out the teaser video via GameTrailers below:

Fantasy Flight Games to Publish Games Workshop Card, Board, Roleplaying Games

This is great news after it was announced that the Dark Heresy line of roleplaying games would be terminated only a couple of days after it was announced that the same line had sold out based on pre-orders alone.

Audio Surf: Ride Your Music

Update 2008.02.23: The game, which launched on 2008.02.15, can now be had for a mere $9.95 via Steam.

Audiosurf: Ride Your Music is a game from an independent developer (Invisible Handlebar, LLC) that is gaining some praise from IGF, which I stumbled across some by watching some videos at YouTube (see examples).  I am not much of a rhythm gamer but the videos are seducing me to give this one a chance.  I like the awesome concept of using your own songs to play through unique levels in the game [value added for my music collection!].  For more details checkout their site and forums and here is demo video set to Kraftwerk - Computer Love.

Grab the public demo from FileShack.

This may just convince me to use a CD Ripping Service.

Star Wars The Tech Unleashed

The forthcoming Star Wars game Star Wars The Force Unleashed is the first next generation experience from Lucasarts in this famous mythos (shout outs to Kotaku).  In the video from Game Videos the developers mentioned after the father of THX 1138 gave his blessing the next step was bring their vision to life.  To do this they sought out and merged three amazing technologies to create a dynamic and slightly unpredictable game universe.

  1. Havok Physics
  2. NaturalMotion Euphoria
  3. Pixelux Digital Molecular Matter

Video is after break (click here).

GamesRadar Charges from TX Attorney General

The following link will take you to the gallery where the full open records request for the GamesRadar Story from last week is held. This is a big case for all of the gaming industry... I suggest very highly all of you that are interested in the future of gaming news and reporting give this document a very serious look...

Phone calls to Pamela Perkins of the TX Attorney General's Office were not returned as of this posting. Check back or click "Read More" for some of the interesting insights into the case from my personal perspective (coming soon).

Review of The Witcher

Click the screenshot to read the full review of CD Projekt Red's game The Witcher.

Witcher Christmas Card

We at the site (and I'm sure several other press sites) have recieved a holiday E-Card from the folks at CD Projekt creators of The Witcher. =)

Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Released!

Click "Read More" for the Duke Nukem Forever trailer! It can be downloaded and played on your iPod and PSP (just subscribe to our RSS!)! Could the ten year wait almost be over?!

GamesRadar Charged with Failing to Protect Minors

For those of you who troll various gaming sites GamesRadar should ring a bell for you. Apparently in Texas the Attorney General has filed suit against the site for failing to protect the privacy and safety of children.

This suit apparently comes from an alleged breach of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act specifically GamesRadar is being charged with 'unlawfully collecting personal information such as names, ages, and home addresses from children (under 13)'.

This obviously should raise eyebrows around the gaming community as almost every major site collects such data. Later this morning we at will be calling GamesRadar's parent company Future US, Inc. for more information.

Here is the original story broken on Fulgore.

UPDATE (2007-12-19 16:50:10): A statement from Future US Inc. recieved by us at reads as follows:

"Future US, Inc., was named in a formal complaint filed on December 5th, 2007, by the Attorney General in Texas regarding games information website GamesRadar.

"That was the first contact we had from the Texas Attorney General on this matter and we are urgently reviewing the complaint.

"As a matter of course and at a minimum, Future US strictly adheres to all laws and guidelines regarding content on our websites.

"We will provide a more detailed response to the specific elements of this case in due course."

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