Time for the 2011 ENnies!

I know the posts here have been few and far between recently but, to be quite honest, I posted a link to the 2010 ENnies voting and when I saw it was time to vote for the 2011 ENnies now, I felt like I should post a new link. So I settled down and tried to remember my password to log in and post again.


I can't tell you all how to vote, as that would be completely unfair if anyone listened, but I have to say I'm a huge Pathfinder fanboy and I love the Inner Sea Poster Mapfolio so I'll be casting my vote in the cartography section. Paizo are also nominated in multiple other categories, but I really want to get that Inner Sea poster framed eventually. Well, the four posters that comprise the whole map framed, actually. I've heard I can get poster frames of approximately the right size at Target but I haven't been yet.