I wish bluealien were more lively.

Several months ago I started a poll about how often people look at bluealien.org and the results are approximately in line with what I expected (though I'm surprised that there are 4 votes for every hour and suspect it's the same user voting on four machines).

I don't know what I want from bluealien.org but I do miss the "glory days" when it was active and had an active messageboard community. Back then it wasn't so plastic and we basically said whatever we wanted on the main page. Now it feels as though the mainpage should be "professional" or something and mostly what that means is that I wouldn't post there (unless this posts there, in which case, "oh well").

So what do I want from bluealien.org? I want it to be more lively and less serious. I want it to be what it used to be about: The Prophets of the Blue Alien. That is, I want it to be about the guys who worked on it and posted on it to begin with. I want it to be something to play with and work with rather than something to work for.

I would say the best period in the life of bluealien.org was between 1999 and 2003, but then it got serious and it hasn't been the same since.

Also, I feel disconnected from the underbelly of the website because I'm typing through blogging software. But blogging software is the way things work now, so that's all there is to it.

Feel free to share your comments on bluealien.org in reply. (I'm guessing registration is required to leave comments but I have no idea.)