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We here at have been around quite a while and have outlived many of our competitors and 'sister sites' and the membership of our various writers/editors has always been somewhat exclusive... that is, until now. As we take a dive into new formats and business models we are doing a full-on open call for talented people with a passion for games, movies, and various other media. It is our hope here at that we can use this public call to place some talented people into positions we have wished we could fill for years.

While "job" is a funny term given than we cannot currently compensate any of our employees with cash I would like to re-iterate that we believe that the site is at the cusp of something much larger and while fiscal compensation may not be immediately in the future, I can honestly say I would love to see it become part of our long-term business plan. Currently compensation will be in the form of free products from top vendors in the gaming industry, job experience at a legitimate news organization (we have a Federal Tax ID number for anyone interested in interning with us also), as well as trips to various gaming conferences and press-related events worldwide. To read the rest of this article and see the full job listing available please click here.

Here is a brief listing of positions we have open currently at and the little about what we're looking for out of them:

  • Writers
    • Video Games
      • Console/PC Gamers of all kinds
      • Casual Gaming
      • Classic Gaming (older than 5 years)
    • Original Articles/Interviews
    • Movie Reviews
    • Other Media (music?)
    • (to a lesser extent) Table Top Games / Card Game Reviews
  • Editors
    • We need genre-based game editors
    • Music Editor (if we start doing music)
    • Other Media Editors
  • Graphic Artist(s) (to fill the needs listed)
    • Logo creation / redesign
    • Art direction with the site
    • Graphic management in our gallery
    • Site Themes (working with Site Programmers)
  • Site Programmers
    • Streamline content generation/advancement
      • Create Review Form to standardize entries
    • Creating special site themes (holiday-based, marketing
      based, etc)
    • Site clean-up
    • Create Release Date Calendar (work with PR)
    • Possible future redesigns
  • PR Professionals
    • Establish Contact with game companies not yet sending us
      material and press releases
    • Create Release Date Calendar (work with Site Programmers)
    • Request media/games for review
    • Filter review media to the correct writers
    • Line up interviews for Editors/Writers with various game
      industry people
  • Advertising Professionals
    • Sell our various banner ad space to various outlets
    • Progress to larger accounts/businesses over time

If you are interested in any of these jobs duties or full positions please contact us by sending an email to and include your real name, preferred email address, phone number, and which job(s) interest you. Also if applicable please include any relevant materials in your email such as prior experience in the job field you're interested in. Also it's helpful if we know a little about you personally such as why you're interested in a position/internship here at so try to give us a little blurb about yourself too. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Jack King